Tornado Staff
User(s) Nathan Evo
Functionality Underwater Propulsion, Creating Whirlwinds, Melee Combat
Status in use
Chỉ mục-0
44012 large
Evo brain attack

The Tornado Staff is a long ranged melee combat weapon used by Nathan Evo during Brain Attack.


Nathan Evo received the Tornado Staff from his latest upgrade. He used it to navigate through the Surface Canals in Makuhero City and defeat the brains controlling some Aquagon. He also later used the staff to destroy some Blank Heroes made by Mark Surge.


The Tornado Staff can be used to propel the user underwater and create a current to slow down targets. It may also be used as a regular spear. It can also be used to create disturbances in the water by charging the tooth on the front with power, so it becomes white- hot.

Example Usage.

Nathan Evo used the Tornado Staff to navigate through the Surface Canals and defeat creatures controlled by brains.

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