“So they fired to draw its attention, while Thresher, protecting the Rookies, made a run at the Drone.”
William Furno, Von Nebula
Retired Hero
Affiliation Thresher's Team (Formerly)
Head of security of a hidden planet (Currently)
Weapons Metal Sphere Shooter
Sonic Boom Weapon
Status Alive
Location Hero Factory, Makuhero City (Formerly)
Head security's headquarters (Currently)

Thresher was a Hero, who was the leader of Preston Stormer's first team.


Early life

Thresher was created in the Assembly Tower several years ago, and was registered as the leader of a team, which included the rookies Preston Stormer and Von Ness.

The Von Ness incident


Thresher after being hit.

Thresher and the two rookies were assigned by Hero Factory a mission to stop a burglary in progress in New Stellac City. However, when they arrived, they found a giant Drone attacking the city. Thresher ordered the rookies to stay back while he made a run at the Drone, but was hit by the impact of a shot, and was seriously injured.

Stormer dragged Thresher clear and ordered Von Ness to cover him, but the cowardly rookie escaped in the team's Drop Ship. Stormer managed to destroy the Drone and save Thresher, along with the city.


After years with Hero Factory and some time before Furno was created, Thresher was offered the chance of retirement, but refused to retire from his duty as a Hero. So Thresher was sent to an unknown planet—one kept so secret that its name does not appear on any star chart—as head of security, where the security does some kind of top secret work related to "defense against mind powers".[1]



Thresher bears sand green armor and wields Metal Sphere Shooter and a Sonic Boom Weapon. He has translucent blue eyes and a translucent green Hero Core. He resembles the design of Dunkan Bulk.



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