Tansari VI
Tansari VI
Position Unknown
Size Unknown
Population Unknown
Status Intact
Pronunciation TAN-sar-RE Six

Tansari VI is a remote planet in the Hero Factory Universe.


After the mass Breakout occurred at the Hero Factory, Voltix fled to Tansari VI to steal electricity from the lightning collectors. Jimi Stringer was sent here to recapture him. After sneaking up on Voltix, Stringer accidently gives away his position to Voltix when attempting to cuff the villain. Voltix in response shocks the cuffs rendering them useless. After a hard fought battle, the cuffs reactivate after Voltix runs out of ammo from his Volt Blaster allowing Stringer to deactivate the villain's Volt Booster Switch.


Not much is known about Tansari VI's landscape other than the green fog all across the surface of the planet and the lightning collectors that store electricity as the galaxy's power supply.
Lightning Collector

One of the lightning collectors.

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