Spiked Club
369px-Spiked Club
User(s) XPlode
Functionality Melee Combat
Status Out of Use

The Spiked Club was a devastating melee weapon wielded by XPlode. It was abandoned on Merak 9 when Preston Stormer wrested it out of his hands in a duel.



XPlode using the Spiked Club to duel Stormer.

The Spiked Club could be used in melee combat to land heavy, damaging blows.

Example Usage

In Trials of Furno, XPlode used the Spiked Club to shatter the Bolt Shooter component of Preston Stormer's Multifunctional Ice Weapon.

Set Information

The Spiked Club was included in the XPlode Hero Factory set from 2010, consisting of three of the set's 45 pieces.

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