Raven Su
Raven Su
Affiliation Hero Factory
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City

Raven Su is a female Robot who works as the leading scientist at the Makuhero University Research Facility.


A Rookie Hero bought a group of deactivated bots into the Makuhero University Research Facility. When the scientists were hooking them up to diagnostic machines they reactivated. The Rookie managed to once again deactivated them, so that the research team could continue their work.

Later on, Raven Su believed she had found something that could tell the Hero Factory why Dunkan Bulk had deactivated for no reason. The Rookie Hero then went back to see what it is and it turned out that the bots are actually Makuhero City citizens that have been affected by a nano virus. The Rookie took this information back to the Hero Factory and had Bulk scanned so that he would not again fall victim to the virus.

It is assumed that Raven Su also worked alongside the rest of the science team, to find an antidote to cure Chief Drax and Preston Stormer, after Meltdown had infected the pair with nanobots.


Raven Su is tall, thin and wears a light blue dress. She also has long, silver hair.


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