Furno Rotor1

Rotor toying with Furno.

Mission: Battle against XPlode and Rotor was a mission undertaken by the Alpha 1 Team to protect C-4000 explosives en route to Merak 9.


Team Assigned

Alpha 1 Team

Rookie 1 Team


Protect the supply of C-4000 from being stolen by XPlode and Rotor.


On William Furno's mission trial, the Alpha 1 Team guarded a shipment of C-4000 explosives en route to Merak 9. When Rotor appeared, Preston Stormer predicted that if Rotor was there, XPlode wouldn't be too far away, which was right, as the fiery villain appeared soon after. Stormer wouldn't let Furno join the fight until XPlode had fled and he, Dunkan Bulk and Jimi Stringer surrounded Rotor. Rotor toyed with Furno until he stabbed his Dual Fire Shooter into his propellors. However, Rotor striked back with his smaller Meteor Blaster. Stormer pushed Furno out of the way and Rotor escaped.


Furno later overtrained himself in the Training Sphere with his bike, but Nathaniel Zib recharged his Hero Core.

Lemus 2 plant raid

Both villains later traveled to Lemus 2 to steal more explosives, but were stopped by Alpha 1. XPlode escaped empty-handed, while Rotor was captured.

Battle against Corroder

Corroder, another henchbot of Von Nebula, attacked the construction site of Penitentiary 1331, forcing several members of Alpha 1 to intervene. Though Corroder gained the upper hand over Mark Surge, Jimi Stringer, and Dunkan Bulk, Natalie Breez and William Furno arrived, and successfully drove Corroder off. Von Nebula swiftly instructed Meltdown to carry out the next stage of his plan.

Stormer's Infection

Meltdown infected Stormer's old friend, Police Chief Drax, with nanobots that caused him to go rogue. Stormer, along with the Alpha 1 rookies, went to visit Drax, who attacked them with his Floater Enforcer Drones. They subdued Drax, but Meltdown arrived, and infected Stormer as well. Upon returning to Hero Factory, Stormer went on a rampage, forcing Furno to fight him while the other members of Alpha 1 searched for a cure. Stormer was stopped, and a cure was made for him.

2nd Battle of New Stellac

The Alpha 1 later journeyed to New Stellac City, where Stormer's old team had taken on a huge Drone and Von Ness had left him and the team leader, Thresher. They took on Thunder, Corroder, XPlode and Meltdown, with the Rookie 1. Stormer and Furno eventually destroyed the Black Hole, defeat Von Nebula, and imprison him in the Black Hole Orb Staff while the rest of the Alpha 1 and Rookie 1 imprisoned the other 4.



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