“Hobo-Chincu! Well, that is a laser blast from the past!”
Mak Megahertz, Hero Factory FM
Weapons Mouth
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Hobo-Chincu is an omnivorous villain in the Hero Factory Universe.


Hobo-Chincu became widely known in the galaxy for his ravenous appetite - he cruised about the galaxy devouring everything from rocks to spaceships to trees. He eventually checked into a problem eater's clinic - and ate it. He also devoured a space station.

Later, Hobo-Chincu invaded a boy's house and devoured all the food in his refrigerator. The boy sent a call in to the Hero Factory Call Center, which was analyzed by Nathaniel Zib on Hero Factory FM. Zib dispatched Epsilon Team on Hobo-Chincu's tail, but it is unknown if he was caught.


Hobo-Chincu is very large, round, and blubbery.


“And he will feed on anything, Mak. Spaceships, buildings, trees... you name it.”
Nathaniel Zib, Hero Factory FM



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