The Articles for Creation is a method by which users can nominate a subject they feel should be made into an article, and then have their peers vote on it.

Do note that the Herofactopedia Wiki Admins reserve the right to repeal the decision to create an article.

Actions to Take

If you feel you have an idea of something that would be article-worthy, then you should place it on the talk page in the following format:

==ARTICLE NAME | ~~~~~==
Reasoning here, along with your signature.





Members will vote on it by listing their signature under either "Yes" or "No." Five votes are required for the decision of creation to be made. Similarly, if five votes are cast for "No," then the article will not be created. If no decision is reached within 2 weeks of nomination, then the nomination will be discarded. In the case of a discard event, you will be permitted to nominate the subject again a week later.

When voting has ended or expired, a staff member will come to remove the nomination. If no staff member does this within a reasonable amount of time, feel free to notify one of the situation. But do not under any circumstances except vandalism remove anything from the AfC yourself.

In the event that a suggestion is voted to become an article, please do NOT simply create the article then. As stated above, the Admins can still overturn the decision, and having to delete an article would just be troublesome. New articles may only be created by a staff member, or with the permission of one.

Once an article has been created, it may not be nominated for deletion for exactly two weeks.

If an article won the popular vote, but was overturned by the staff, that article may not be re-nominated without a staff member's say so.

Please note that Admin votes count for 1.5x; except for Monasti, who's votes count for double the regular member vote.

What to Nominate

  1. Something in which there exists a decent amount of information regarding it, so as to not create a perpetual stub article.
  2. Nominate something that we know will be further developed in the future. There is still the possibility that, at the time of creating the article, there might not be enough information to warrant one. As such, going through the Articles for Creation process would be a good idea to see what the staff think in regards to it.
  3. Basically, just anything you aren't too sure of. But even if you are, it doesn't mean everyone is, so it is recommended to go through the nomination process just in case.

What NOT to Nominate

  1. No non-Hero Factory articles.
  2. Anything that hasn't been confirmed from LEGO or is considered "leaked."
  3. Please try to shy away from nominating an article on something we know relatively nothing about.

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