HeroPad HeroPad
Game Information
Availability Available
Platform PC (Online)
Controls Keyboard, Mouse
HeroPad is a customizable feature on the Hero Factory Website.


HeroPad is an interactive and customizable feature on It is where users can enter their 2.0 and 3.0 codes, which unlock the Creep Crushers game. The HeroPad also contains links to three challenges - Speed Building, Weapon Design, and Show Your Moves. You can earn awards for completing these challenges.

HeroPad also has links to the Hero Recon Team webpage and the Comic Builder.


Speed Building

The player is show the complete form of Furno 2.0 for a few seconds, and then asked to reconstruct him. There are four sets of parts to choose from. These sets include parts from Furno 2.0 and 1.0.


  • Bronze - Complete the Speed Building Challenge
  • Silver - Complete the Speed Building Challenge and score 1000 points
  • Gold - Complete the Speed Building Challenge and score 2000 points

Weapon Design

The user is taken to the gallery, where he/she can upload a photo of a Hero/Villain weapon.


  • Bronze - Upload 1 image to the gallery
  • Silver - Upload 5 images to the gallery
  • Gold - Upload 10 images to the gallery

Show Your Moves

The player is told to make his character (Furno) dodge the debris flyig towards him. The longer the player can survive, the higher the award.


  • Bronze - Survive the Show Your Moves Challenge for over 20 seconds
  • Silver - Survive the Show Your Moves Challenge for over 1 minute
  • Gold - Survive the Show Your Moves Challenge for over 90 seconds


  • HeroPad had not been updated since March of 2011.

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