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Manager Kelly McKiernan
Type Official Website of Hero Factory is the Official Hero Factory website. Currently, Kelly McKiernan is's head webmaster. The site consists of five sections: Products, Fun Zone, Downloads, Story, and the Heropad. On the Home Page, there is an image of the Assembly Tower that changes to different times of the day, as well as varying weather conditions. Below is a marquee that shows recent calls to the Call Center. There are also links to the latest Hero Factory News, as well as "Real-Time Statistics" detailing the current operations of the Heroes.


The Products section of is made up of short set bios and links to other sections of the site. In general, the products section provides information on individual sets released every year. Additional information concerning the products can be found in the Hero Factory article.

Fun Zone

The Fun Zone section on contains the subsections for Games and Movies. The Games subsection include links to the various official Hero Factory games, such as Mission: Von Nebula, Hero Creator, and Define Your Own Villain. Users are able to play these programs by clicking on thumbnails provided at the bottom of the Games page. There is also a Movies subsection that includes Promos and Television Advertisements.


The Downloads section of provides a wide range of media items, which consists of Posters, Screensavers, and Wallpapers. Users can download the items via buttons located on selected areas of media.


The Story section of provides information on the current story year. It consists of Hero Factory FM, Comics, a Media Center, information on Gadgets, storyline Bios, and various other subsections, which the users can access individually through the links located on the bottom of the Story main page.


The HeroPad section is where LEGO club members can submit codes found on sets in order to redeem digital prizes such as unlocking various sections of games.

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