Claw Blade
User(s) Jetbug, Drilldozer, Nitroblast
Functionality Fire Lasers, Melee Combat
Status In Use

Claw Blades are weapons used by the Fire Villains.


Claw Blades can function as hand-held ranged weapons, firing powerful lasers from the tip of the blade. They can also be used for melee combat as daggers.

Example Usage

In Ordeal of Fire, Jetbug used his Claw Blades to blast energy at Mark Surge, causing an explosion at Surge's feet and launching the Hero into the air. Also, the same villain used them to knock William Furno off a building, which he succeeded.

Set Information

Two Claw Blades came in the Jetbug Hero Factory set of early 2011, each consisting of two of the set's 64 pieces. A single Claw Blade was also included in the Drilldozer and Nitroblast sets of early 2011, consisting of one of their set's pieces.

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