Breez Flea Machine
Breez Flea Machine-0
Battle Machine
User(s) Natalie Breez
Functionality Battle Machine
Status Destroyed

The Breez Flea Machine is Natalie Breez's battle machine in Invasion From Below.


After the Heroes went underground during Invasion from Below, Nathan Evo built Breez the Flea Machine.

When the Heroes were split up, Breez used her battle machine's grapple to grapple onto an overhanging rock, with Evo (in his Spider Machine) grabbing on to the Flea Machine and Dunkan Bulk ejecting from his battle machine and grabbing on to one of the Spider Machine's legs.

Breez started to reel closer to the overhang, when a cocoon opened, causing Breez to ungrapple, making the Heroes fall to the Crystals below.

Breez used her battle machine to fight off some Jumpers and Crystal Beasts, but it was destroyed when it landed in acid.


The Flea Machine is lime green and gunmetal grey with a huge grapple at the back.

Set Information

The Breez Flea Machine (set number 44027) comes with 102 pieces, and includes Breez, a Jumper, and a cocoon.


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