Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings
Anti-Gravity Rings
User(s) Hero Factory Heroes
Functionality Reverse Gravity
Status In Use

Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings are tools built into every Hero's boots.


The Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings reverse gravity on the user, allowing them to float in the air and change their direction and altitude at will. Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings can also destroy black holes by acting as a centrifugal force in the opposite direction of the black hole's pull.

Anti-Gravity Training

Furno and his friends training with their Anti-Gravity Rings

Example Usage

In Von Nebula, William Furno and Preston Stormer used their Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings to destroy a black hole that Von Nebula had created with his Black Hole Orb Staff. Which led to his capture.

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